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Our Vision

In an Ongoing Commitment to Professionalism, International Court Reports will Provide Comprehensive Litigation Support Services in both Foreign and Domestic Settings, to All Public and Private Sectors of the Legal Community.

Chile Court Reporters

In Chile, International Court Reporters has teams of seasoned professional court reporters, legal videographers, translators and interpreters for your next deposition, EUO, meeting or video conference in Chile.

International Court Reporters can arrange:
  • Certified Court Reporters
  • Court Reporters who Specialize in Case Captioning
  • Deposition Conference Rooms
  • Interpreters
  • Legal Videographers
  • Notaries
  • Process Servers
  • Real Time and Live Note Court Reporters
  • Teleconferencing
  • Translators
  • Video Conferencing

and more for your firm throughout South America. International Court Reporters, Inc. also has information on gaining court reporter Judicial Assistance in Chile.

Now serving the following locations in Chile:

Tarapacá Region * Antofagasta Region * Atacama Region * Coquimbo Region * Valparaíso Region * O'Higgins Region * Maule Region * Bío-Bío Region * Araucanía Region * Los Lagos Region * Aysen Region * Magallanes y Antártica Chilena Region * Santiago Metropolitan Region

Now serving the following locations in South America:

Argentina * Bolivia * Brazil * Colombia * Ecuador * Falkland Islands * French Guiana * Guyana * Paraguay * Peru * Suriname * Uruguay * Venezuela

Member Of:

  • Texas Court Reporters Association
  • Central Contractor Registration
  • ORCA